Most businesses rely heavily on their website to drive their success. It's becoming increasingly important to get the design of your website right. Businesses who get websites right appreciate that a website is an investment with huge pay off. Moreover, successful businesses know that websites need to change as time goes on to make the most of online. We've put together a helpful guide of signs your website is due a redesign:

1. Your website isn't mobile friendly


Around 50% of people will find your website on their phone, yet 57% of people wouldn't recommend a business that has poor mobile performance. If your website still isn't responsive on mobile then you're putting a number of people off your business. Responsive means that your website will automatically adapt to screen size and device, something we always include as standard for our websites. 

It isn't just responsiveness that can affect mobile experience. There can be many other features on your site that affect the user experience, such as flash websites, unsightly social media  streams and distorted mobile layouts. Our solutions always avoid this whilst still delivering your ideal website.

The most important issue here is that Google has begun mobile first search ranking. If your website is not mobile friendly you are jeopardizing your rank on Google.

2. Your competition have better websites

Your website is an instant first impression and in a time when potential customers are viewing multiple competitors along with your website, your business must stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. You don't want to be the business with the website from the 90's whilst your competition are attracting customers with beautiful websites. 


3. You can't change your website

Businesses change all the time, but some are left unable, confused or uncertain when it comes to updating their own website. This is where content management systems (CMS) come in. These give businesses the power to change and update the content of their website with little to know technical knowledge. Not only do we include a CMS as standard in our websites, we work with our clients to select the right one for them. 

4. Your website is slow


Nobody likes to be kept waiting, this is especially the case online where everyone expects instant content. In fact if your website takes longer than just 3 seconds, 40% of visitors will ABANDON your website. Website redesigns are not only for improving the visuals, they can help optimize your content and website speed. With the right expertise you can create highly visual websites without compromising loading speed. 

5. You're not appearing on Google

Getting ranked high on Google can seem difficult, but the reward can be extremely high. In fact, 95% of all search traffic goes to those who rank on the first page. The challenge here is that what might have worked in the past, doesn't necessary hold true today. Google is always updating their algorithm and changing their guidelines. 


During a website redesign we can ensure all content is search engine friendly and being picked up correctly by Google. This is just one of the many ways we can work with you to achieve a great search ranking for your business.


6. Your website isn't secure

If you look up into the web address bar at the top of your page you will see "https" at the beginning of our website address. This means that all communication between your browser and the web page are encrypted and won't be accessible by others. In an age where people are increasingly concerned about the privacy of their data, it is vital to secure your website. To check whether your website is secured simply look up in the search bar and your web address will begin with "http" if your website is unsecure and "https" if it is secure.

Nowadays, this is a must as web browsers can block people visiting unsecure sites as well as it impacting your search ranking. With all our web designs we include an SSL certificate as standrd to make your website 'https' and secure. 

7. Your website isn't contributing to your business

Your website and online presence should be the most powerful tool at your disposal to contribute towards and grow your business. Whatever the goal of your customers visiting your site, they must be able to execute this instantly to optimise the conversion of website visitors into customers. Our clients have been blown away on the increase in custom and leads they see after a redesign.


8. You're giving a bad first impression

Unless you instantly wow your website visitors, chances are you won't win them over as customers. This can be achieved simply by having a very visual and key message focused landing page. Some websites can even end up annoying customers as they first visit, with annoying pop ups, having to click or search around to find where they want to go. If you think your customers aren't blown away by your website or that your website may be annoying to them, get in touch for an urgent redesign.

9. You / your customers don't like your website

This is the killer, if you or your customers don't feel great about your website then you DEFINITELY need a redesign. Although your perfect website may seem too advanced for your budget, or not possible for a small business, we specialise in making beautiful websites at affordable pricing and have never let a client down in delivering their dream website.

If you feel like your website requires a redesign or you want to talk about any of our other services, please click the contact button below: