The connection between online and your business is sometimes hard to see or measure, especially for small businesses. In reality, online plays a huge part in generating and growing custom for your business  We've detailed some of the more subtle ways this can happen:



The modern day consumer rarely strolls down the high street and picks somewhere that takes their fancy. Rather, most bricks and mortar visits are thoroughly researched and planned affairs. There's been huge increases in 'near me' searching, providing huge opportunity to reach your potential customers. Put simply, an online presence is the only way to reach the endless customers researching businesses like yours.   


Word of mouth recommendation is the most powerful marketing tool. Online makes it easier for people to share their positive experiences and spread the word to all who find your business. This adds huge credibility to your business as high ratings across websites like Google maps, TripAdvisor and TrustPilot provides reassurance that their custom should be with you.



Ecommerce is the act of selling your product or service directly on your website. This can expand many businesses potential market from the local town, to the whole country, or even worldwide! Some can be put off by the idea, worrying that an ecommerce based website will be expensive and overwhelming to manage. This is not the case and we can help provide the support and guidance in adopting an ecommerce website. We specialise in creating simple, yet effective ecommerce solutions that are manageable for smaller businesses and still scalable.



Websites can save customers a lot of time, resulting in happy customers. Nobody wants to have to call up and wait on hold for an age for a simple query to be answered. Instead your website can inform customers with key messaging and information. An example would be informing customers of your sale which would delight customers and save them calling up a store to check if the sale has started.


Time and money are the two things businesses should always aim to save. To make the same impact of a website with traditional marketing channels, a huge cost and work time would be taken up to have the same impact as a website and digital marketing. For example, placing an advert in a magazine would require time selecting the right magazine for your customers, time and cost creating a design, and the potentially huge cost of placing it in the magazine. All this to reach a number of readers who might be your target. Instead a website is passively reaching everyone making relevant searches and can be boosted with highly targeted and cost effective PPC and social ads. 



If you look up into the web address bar at the top of your page you will see "https" at the beginning of our website address. This means that all communication between your browser and the web page are encrypted and won't be accessible by others. In an age where people are increasingly concerned about the privacy of their data, it is vital to secure your website. To check whether your website is secured simply look up in the search bar and your web address will begin with "http" if your website is unsecure and "https" if it is secure.

Nowadays, this is a must as web browsers can block people visiting unsecure sites as well as it impacting your search ranking. With all our web designs we include an SSL certificate as standrd to make your website 'https' and secure. 

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