Pivot Consulting had neglected social media channels as they lacked the time and care that successful social media accounts require. Moreover, Pivot lacked quality content to distribute throughout these channels.


First we immersed ourselves into Pivot's business, learning about their services so we could research content ideas. We were then able to research and write professional content surrounding B2B sales, digital innovation and Artificial Intelligence.

Next we were starting from scratch on social media. We used a number of methods and tools to grow follower count, post engagement and traffic reaching Pivot's website from social media channels. We were then able to distribute the content we had written across these increasingly popular social channels.



  • Followers grown from singles figures to triple figures in just a week.

  • Significant click through rates from social media to Pivot's website. 

  • Increased visibility and credibility within Pivot's industry. 

  • Client impressed by quality of content written.