Craft Minded are a craft beer bar & restaurant based in Liverpool. They approached us shortly after setting up their bar, but finding themselves lacking time to even think about a website after a hugely successful launch  


We tailored our approach to suit the client, by first creating a draft of the website, to display what we are capable of and what simple input they'd require. Craft minded were then able to input into this draft, creating their ideal website without taking up precious time.


  • Up to 50% more visitors to Craft Minded (they even had to hire more staff as a result!)

  • 10 hours saved and counting. Before their website, Craft Minded were having to deal with a number of customer queries directly through social media. After we launched the site, the number of queries dropped dramatically as the site addressed key messaging.

  • High Google ranking. Our search engine optimization (SEO) enabled Craft Minded to rank 1st page and near the top for many keywords.